Time to skunk to reggae music again

REGGAE fans will be somewhat spoilt for choice this month two shows lined-up to celebrate the Bob Marley.
While the traditional One Love Bob Marley Reggae Festival organised by Brian Shakarongo is scheduled for this Saturday, Conscious Sounds have also lined up what they are calling the Bob Marley Peace Concert the week after.
The One Love Bob Marley Reggae Festival to be held at Mika Convention Centre has a line-up which includes Ras Kinky, Bris, Negus Tafari, Onion and Greens, Leah Taps, Bongo Far-I, Cactus Agony, Peter Bob, Burning Youth Reloaded, Big Belly Man, Big Muzo and the Crew, Tusher and Milz The Teacher among others. CLICK

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