Tighten army order

COMBO: President Edgar Lungu congratulating Deputy Army Commander Sitali Alibuzwi. Right, Major General Alibuzwi being decorated after taking oath of office at a swearing-in ceremony at State House in Lusaka yesterday. PICTURES: SALIM HENRY and MACKSON WASAMUNU

SLACKENING discipline in the Zambia Army has displeased President Edgar Lungu, who has directed new deputy army commander and chief of staff Sitali Alibuzwi to “hammer the iron while it is still hot”.
President Lungu has urged Major General Alibuzwi to inculcate a culture of discipline among officers of all ranks because no one is immune to correction.
Speaking at State House yesterday when he swore in General Alibuzwi, the Head of State expressed concern about the diminishing levels of discipline in the army.
“I wish to encourage you to continue being disciplined and loyal. I am saying so because I have seen slackening discipline in the rank and file of the army,” he said.

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