Letter to the Editor

Thumbs up defence forces

Dear editor,
SO FAR thumbs up to the decision to direct the defence forces to get involved in emergency services against the out-break of cholera in Lusaka.

I personally witnessed operations at Kabwata market where defence forces closed the market and cleaned/facilitated cleaning of markets.
I understand it was the case in a number of places.
The garbage/filth that was removed is pathetic.
The sampled public reaction to the engagement of ‘soldiers’ so far has been positive.
They are professional, fair, firm and impartial in their operations.
What is required now is sustainable action towards promoting and even enforcing hygienic practices.
Above all, adequate provision of clean and safe drinking water and sanitation facilities and services.
The rights to adequate standards of living, access to quality health services and the right to life should not be compromised for ant expedience.
Hats off to the current emergency measures and the ongoing efforts towards improving water supply and sanitation. Efforts should now be directed at behavioural change.
Among other measures, the practice of dumping waste anywhere without taking care of it should remain in 2017.

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