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Things healthy couples understand

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I BELIEVE that being in a healthy, stable relationship involves work from both sides.
Love and respect being the basis of all relationships, there are several other things that go into making a relationship healthy.
In this article, I would like to address things healthy couples will really understand.
As a healthy couple, you get so used to having constant communication with your partner. It has become routine. Communicating in a relationship is important because it’s a constant way of checking in and making sure the two of you are on the same page. This constant communication is what keeps the relationship healthy.
It’s important to feel like you are blessed to have the other person in your life.
Healthy couples understand this and therefore never take each other for granted, which makes for a happy relationship. They feel thankful for each other and show appreciation for each other for even the littlest things.
Sometimes it may seem redundant to hear that compromise makes for a good relationship, but that’s only because it’s true.
Couples who compromise not only on small things but the big things as well end up happier when they realise they can make decisions together amicably and live happily.
We can’t run away from the fact that couples are bound to have differences of opinion or conflict that results in arguing.
Healthy couples understand that having arguments isn’t the end of the world and are able to move past their fights. Being able to argue with each other and move on is better than holding on to things. Only healthy couples understand this.
Couples who can be themselves in a relationship and accept each other have the healthiest relationship. Being able to be yourself and feeling accepted is important because then you don’t feel like you have to change or that you’re disappointing your other half. You both can then be content with each other and yourselves, allowing your relationship to flourish.
It doesn’t matter what happened or what mood you’re in, when you are with your partner you can relentlessly complain or just sit there in silence and you still feel a lot better. Finding solace just by being in each other’s presence is a sign that the two of you have a loving, healthy relationship.
Healthy couples love spending time together. The two of you could be sitting at home watching movies and not speaking for hours and still have a good time. Healthy couples are able to enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing with each other. Healthy couples understand that when they are in a relationship, they are integrating that person into their lives.
Because they understand this, they rearrange their lives to place the other person at the very top. This is important for maintaining a relationship where both people make time for each other.
Lastly, I wish to say that when something good happens, healthy couples always want to share the news with each other first. This is because they know that their partner will share their happiness.
Being in a healthy relationship means supporting each other and knowing that your happiness becomes your partner’s happiness, and only truly healthy couples really understand this.

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