Letter to the Editor

There is no shortage of land in Zambia

Dear editor,
I AM of the opinion that there is no shortage of land in Zambia, but an absence of an effective land management policy.However, if we continue giving out 2,000 hectares here, 500 hectares there and so on, we shall soon get there.
Land is a lot more than just respective central business districts of various settlements.
Let’s strengthen the Decentralisation Act, build capacity in local authorities to build one of their income streams merely based on land agency and a land servicing business model.
Just the latter will not only make councils financially self-sustaining but also make town and country planning a lot easier and move us closer to some of the much-hyped millennium development goals of clean water, sanitation, etc.
We also need to strengthen our fire-fighting and rescue services because chances of one dying are high if caught up in a fire in one of the high-rise buildings we are being encouraged to put up to maximise space.
The problem is that there is literally no capacity in this area to fight a serious fire calamity. What is worse is that even service lanes to access such structures in such times have been sold off by unscrupulous councillors as plots to unsuspecting people.

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