Letter to the Editor

There is no formidable opposition to unseat PF

Dear editor,
THERE is no opposition right now to unseat the Patriotic Front (PF) in 2021.

A lot of investment has been made to de-campaign the ruling party by using slander.
The intention is to use it to poison the minds of most people. But we saw that MMD used it and the tide turned against them.
Right now, the ruling party is facing both frontal and subtle attacks from its enemies.
These are like a tornado that blows into a town and destroys the house instantly.
Or like a colony of termites that slowly creep in and nibble away at the wood of the house until it collapses.
Most politicians attacking the government and frustrating the developmental activities are generally failures who can do nothing for this country.
They want the ruling government to feel the same weighty, web work of condemnation that loom over them in future elections.
The works done by PF are visible under the able leadership of Edgar Lungu.
The elected people in government must simply concentrate on serving their fellow Zambians.
These are their ultimate judges.

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