‘there is need to dismantle cartels in trade’

THERE is need to dismantle cartels and related bad practices in business if the country is to record sustainable and inclusive growth, a senior government official has said.
Speaking at a seminar to mark World Competition Day under the theme ‘combatting cartels for inclusive growth’, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry permanent secretary Kayula Siame said Government is committed to create a competitive business environment.
“Cartels affect everyone, whether in Government or not, so, we need to deal with these bad practices. We also need to learn what other countries are doing.
“Government through the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission [CCPC] has been undertaking awareness programmes to educate people on the importance of having a competitive business environment that results in a win-win situation,” she said.
Earlier, CCPC executive director Chilufya Sampa said the commission has made significant strides in enforcing the competition Act.
“Initially, we had challenges due to low funding but now, we have recorded good progress, and some cases involving some cartels have been addressed following the establishment of a unit to strictly look at cartels and other forms of unfair business practices,” he said.
And World Bank Zambia investment climate programme manager Peter Nuamah said anti-cartel enforcement is an effective tool to transform product input and boost productivity, innovation and inclusive growth.
“Anti-cartel enforcement helps the poorest population groups access a wider variety of competitively priced goods. Furthermore, competition in public procurement delivers savings for the government and increases the efficiency of infrastructure and social services provision.

“In this case, competition authorities play an important role as champions, advocates and enforcers of competition policy across economies,” he said.
Participants at the seminar are drawn from Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, Israel, Mexico and the COMESA competition commission.

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