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The proposal that never was

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
IT WAS her birthday and she expected to spend the day with her boyfriend, receiving gifts was not optional.
She wanted to look her best on this important day and rushed to the hairdresser. She said for some reason, her gut feeling told her that her boyfriend would also ask for her hand in marriage, especially that he kept saying it would be a birthday she would never forget.
From the hairdresser, she lay out her clothes as she quickly took a shower to wait on her man. The clock ticked on. Unfortunately, the boyfriend did not show up.
Anxiety gripped her and she kept trying his mobile phone, which went unanswered. From the phone being unanswered, the next time she tried it, the phone was off. She became worried, especially that the words that rang through her mind were that her birthday would be unforgettable.
She tried to calm herself down and prayed that nothing had happened to her ‘husband-to-be’. The aspect of husband-to-be was only in her head because the man had no such intentions.
The next thing she received was a call from a friend who tipped her that the man – I will call him John, for convenience – was wedding another woman.
She could not believe it and brushed it aside. She felt her friend was merely pulling her leg, especially that it was her birthday.
She again tried John’s phone and this time the phone rang, only that it was not John on the line. Another man answered who informed her that John could not come to the phone because he was busy with his wedding.
She exclaimed and immediately questioned whether they were both talking about the same John. The man on the other end insisted that it was the same John. He had decided to finally marry his long-time fiancée.
She was shattered and decided to go on Facebook as she could not believe what she was hearing. She went on John’s Facebook page and found his wedding pictures splashed on the page. She broke down and wondered how a man she lived for could betray her.
She called her friend and told her how her life revolved around John. Her friend then revealed that she had known about John’s other relationship, only that she could not find herself to talk about it.
Word of caution: your life should never revolve around a person.
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