The Kashumbas: Fairly odd parents

THE Kashumbas.

GOREBROWN Kashumba and his wife Brenda are the trending couple in the country at the moment, thanks to a biological fate.
At 55 years old, and well past her menopause, Brenda has become a new mother. And the baby’s daddy? Well, he is a 93-year-old granny.
As expected, the birth of the baby to the odd couple made headlines last week, and got people talking.
Brenda had her first child at the age of 17, but the baby died.
As for Mr Kashumba, he has over 10 children from his previous marriage. He had his last child 17 years ago.
He says the new bundle of joy is the work of God’s hand, adding that the child has cemented the couple’s love for each other.

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