The die is cast in Chilubi Island

THE battle for the Chilubi parliamentary seat has been raging for some weeks now.
Finally, voting takes place today in a by-election which can also be referred to as a ‘battle for the Bangweulu’ because most of Chilubi district sits on Lake Bangweulu and its wetlands.
One of the vastest of Zambia’s constituencies, Chilubi, which is almost surrounded by Lake Bangweulu, provides fishing as the main economic mainstay for the locals. It has 46,677 registered voters and 22 wards.
According to the 2010 census of population and housing, Chilubi had over 82,000 people, currently estimated to have crossed the 100,000 mark.
It is the third most densely populated district in Northern Province at 17.5 persons per square kilometre after Mbala and Kasama, which have 24.3 and 21.5 persons per similar areas respectively.
Today the people of this vast constituency, which consists of Chilubi Island, Chilubi Mainland and the swamps, go to the polls to elect a candidate of their choice with the most attractive manifesto.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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