Letter to the Editor

The church must guide members in choice of leaders

Dear editor,
2016 elections must not be shaped by the politicians alone but the Church must come out with a more stronger voice to guide its membership in the choice of the leadership that can help to foster development and bring peace to its citizenry.
Once the government is in place, the Church’s obligation is to support the authority in place, even by praying for the leadership in the nation, bad or good. For all authority comes from God.
The nation that makes a wrong decision leaves to suffer the consequences for a long period.
The Church understands the position of God on corruption, shedding of blood, lying, adultery and idol worshipping in relation to leadership.
Unfortunately, in Zambia today leadership is shifting from being defined by moral virtues to focus on wealth.
The more wealth one accumulates, the more chances they stand to ascend to leadership. This has left so much room for the wrong characters to ascend to the high and sensitive offices of the nation. Some of the people on this year’s ballot papers have a string of cases in the courts of laws. Some have destroyed people’s marriages without any remorse.
They have a string of unsupported children with many different women. But because they have money to bribe voters they are sure to sail through to the top.
The Church has its presence in every society that goes to cast the vote.
It knows the people vying for a vote in the society it operates from. It knows the good and the bad eggs; those who must queue up for repentance and not for a vote to leadership.
The metaphor of the church as a family must make sense more especially in times like this when a decision has to be made on whom we want to be our leader in terms of the quality of the individual’s capacity to represent and not the quantity of the wealthy one has.
Paul in letter to Timothy (1st Timothy 5:1-2) asks timothy to view the church as a family. Families discuss and help members to see those who are fit to rule them amongst other things.
Let the church not be silenced by the politicians but guide its membership to arrive at the worthwhile candidates to give hope for the future of the sons and daughters of this great and prosperous nation. Zambia.

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