Letter to the Editor

Thank you Zamtel for innovation of Cheza 4eva

Dear editor,
I am writing to commend Zamtel for introducing an offer they are calling Cheza 4eva on *422#.
This offer is commendable because, as the name suggests, I have been able to call my friends and family members for hours on end at a very low cost.
I feel this offer is special because it is specifically made for me as the benefits I get are specially packaged to suit my calling needs.
Instead of getting 35 minutes with a K20, I get 7days to call non-stop, which works well for my social and business communication needs.
Since money is difficult to find these days, I am happy to see that there are companies like Zamtel that are putting customers first with such offers.
Thank you Zamtel for thinking of us.
With much love,
Mwansa Chilambwe
Zamtel customer

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