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Text message triggers mistrust

Text message received on a mobile phone

A TEXT message saying, “I want to make you happy,” has triggered mistrust between a prophet and his wife.
The message was allegedly sent to Jesson Kalima’s wife Agness Tembo, 28, by another man when the phone was in the prophet’s hands.
Kalima, 25, a prophet from one of the Pentecostal churches in George Township, was testifying in a matter in which his wife sued him for divorce. The two got married in 2019.
Kalima told Matero Local Court that he suspected his wife had an extra-marital affair with another man.
He wondered how the other man who his wife claimed was her former male teacher would make her happy.
“I was with my wife’s phone at one time. Surprisingly, I received a message from a certain number which read ‘I want to make you happy’. I was disturbed by the message and felt bad. CLICK 

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