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Tevin hurts to see people ill

DESPITE being brought up from a struggling background, 16-year-old Tevin Siwo, a grade eight pupil at Dili Secondary School in Lusaka’s Chawama is determined to break the shackles of poverty by becoming a medical doctor.
Tevin says he wants to help save patients and other people in need of medical help.
“I feel I have a contribution to make in saving people’s lives. It hurts me to see people struggle with sickness,” he said.
Tevin believes he has the passion to handle patients and that becoming a medical doctor has been his childhood dream.
The first in a family of three, Tevin wants to uplift the status of his mother by buying her a house in future.
When Tevin knocks off from school, he does house chores, after which he gets a book to study.
His favourite subjects are science, geography, history, mathematics and English.
His mother, Eunice Nshindani, describes Tevin as a determined young person who is eager to achieve his dream.
“My son’s focus at school impresses me and I am confident that he is going to achieve his dreams.
“I always pray that God grants him wisdom and strength to continue working hard so that he might take care of me in future,” she said.

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