Teachers condemn riotious Kitwe pupils

THE Secondary School Teachers Union of Zambia (SESTUZ) has condemned pupils from some Copperbelt schools for rioting over fake leaked examination papers.
Copperbelt SESTUZ chairmperson Anthony Mukanda said his union is disappointed by the behaviour of pupils adding that the  riots are uncalled for.
Mr Mukanda said in an interview yesterday that unruly behaviour by pupils should not be condoned.
“We condemn this archaic and irrational behavior by the pupils. It appears that pupils got used to attaining qualifications they did not deserve to get at grade 12 level,” Mr Mukanda said.
Mr Mukanda said it is sad that parents are conspicuously silent over the behaviour of their children when they should be in the forefront of discouraging examination malpractices.
Mr Mukanda has however commended the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) for measures it has put in place to prevent examination paper leakages.
“We seem to be headed for sanity in this area and hopefully we shall soon reach the proverbial ideal in which examination leakages will once more become a taboo,” Mr Mukanda said.
Mr Mukanda urged teachers to remain resolute and committed in guarding jealously the pride of their profession.
Last week, scores of Grade 12 pupils at Helen Kaunda, Kitwe Boys and Mukuba Secondary schools on the Copperbelt ran  amok, throwing stones and burning vehicle tyres after discovering that they had fake leaked examination papers.
This was after the pupils wrote their biology paper one which was different from the one they had.

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