Teacher registration, clean up set for March

THE Ministry of General Education is next month set to start the process of teacher registration which will culminate into the cleaning up of the teaching profession and elimination of quacks.
Permanent secretary Chishimba Nkosha said in an interview on Tuesday that the exercise will be carried out by the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ).
“The teacher registration exercise is going to help us identify who the real teachers are because the ministry has had a situation where, instead of putting in place some checks and balances, some people still find their way into teaching with irrelevant qualifications,” Mr Nkosha said.
He said the exercise will see qualified teachers being awarded practicing licences, and without which, nobody will be allowed to teach.
“Even those that were employed a long time ago have to be registered,” the permanent secretary emphasised.
Mr Nkosha said during the registration exercise, all teachers will be required to submit their credentials as evidence that they are qualified for their jobs.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of General Education has started procuring computers for Government schools to prepare pupils for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) examinations.
Mr Nkosha said money has been allocated for this exercise in the budget. However, there will be need to mobilise more financial resources from other stakeholders.
“We are working with the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) in securing computers and other materials that may be necessary for learners,” he said.
He said the ministry will intensify monitoring to ensure that only schools with computers allow their learners to sit for ICT examinations.

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