Letter to the Editor

Tasila Lungu’s touch with community truly African

Dear editor,
THE exhibition of Tasila Lungu’s touch with the community truly reflects the African concept of human living.
This is seen through her deposition towards others and in the way she interacts with people.
She has always been a person of goodwill and extends her goodness to every person she comes in contact with. As a well nurtured African child and leader, she has always shown respect for the elderly and exhibited high levels of concern for the needs of the people in all her undertakings.
This is seen by her concern to help the less privileged people and other charitable works done.
Tasila reckons in her style of leadership the principle of a true African belief that a person is defined and finds true fulfilment as a person by other people or by the community.
We see this as she is always at the aid of the people in trying to better their lives in her little capacity as a community leader.
She shows that she is a true servant of the people as she always comes back to the people who entrusted her with this noble duty of leadership to experience the beauty of life with them, as she renders the service to them.
It is our belief as Africans that when the majority of people speak well of a person then truly that person is a good person and such a person finds favour and blessings from God and the ancestors.
And so, all these good works done by Tasila surely please many people throughout the country, as well as the ancestors. Therefore, Tasila is a true example of a real African seed that helps society to kindle the flame of development in our country as she works among people, with the people, for the people.
Tasila’s humble leadership style of working among people, with the people, for the people, reckons John Samuel Mbiti’s African philosophy of, “I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am.” And so, Tasila’s touch with community; truly African.

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