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Take day of prayer seriously

THE National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation is a significant day that ought to be taken seriously by all well-meaning Zambians.
Once in a while, a nation has to take stock of itself by reflecting on the various issues which have occurred and impacted the country positively or negatively.
From gassing to the outbreak of the coronavirus and pockets of political violence, Zambia’s resilience has been tested to the core.
That is why October 18 will always be a day of self-introspection as the nation reflects on its relationship with God as well as relationships among individuals, religious organisations and political parties.
Because humans are not perfect, there is temptation to trade insults, quarrel and sometimes engage in violence as has been the case during elections or indeed during campaign trails.
Despite these shortcomings, there comes a time this great nation has to cry to God seeking forgiveness and call for divine intervention as a corporate entity.
The noble declaration of this day by President Edgar Lungu was designed to consolidate the Christian nation status, to call upon God to promote peace and unity so that Zambia can prosper.
Like Bishop Joshua Banda, the chairperson of the national organising committee for the day of prayer, observed yesterday, peace is a rare commodity Zambia has been bestowed with.
There is, therefore, need to sustain national unity, which is a prerequisite for prosperity.
The theme for yesterday’s Day of Prayer, ‘Zambia seeks God’s intervention for sustained national unity, peace and prosperity’, was timely.
So, this day should never be used for politicking by politicians, both in the ruling party and in the opposition.
Zambians just have one country, and unity of purpose is of paramount importance. The country has numerous challenges that affect all citizens across the board and these require to be tabled in prayer to God.
After praying at various sites and denominations yesterday, it is hoped that out of this event, the country shall witness true reconciliation at family and national levels so that citizens can face whatever challenges they face currently and any challenges that will befall them in future.
Zambians should look to God for hope.
There are positive outcomes from yesterday’s prayers, with Bishop Banda calling for reconciliation among political leaders.
While the Church will continue to play its prophetic role, political leaders should use their influence to promote inter- and intra-party unity as well as reach out to one another.
Bishop Banda also urged that there should never be perpetual enmity in politics and leaders should overcome self-interest. They should all put the country above self. That is genuine patriotism.
Zambia, as a Christian nation, should never sow seeds of hatred at whatever level. Instead, people should manifest love in spheres of life, including politics.
That is why this country deserves politics of issues and not name-calling, belittling one another or tribal hegemony.
Like Bishop Banda noted, there is no need for bitter roots to grow from politics. Bitter roots may germinate into generations of bitterness which the country may fail to contend with.
United we stand and divided we fall.

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