Letter to the Editor

Take charge of roads, parking in CBD

Dear editor,
I WRITE to express my sadness at the high levels of impunity among mini-bus and pirate taxi drivers who have literally taken over Freedom Way in Lusaka.
Local authority, where are you to take charge of the roads and parking slots in the central business district?
Lusaka Police traffic section, where are you to tame the lawlessness?
Road Transport and Safety Agency, where are you to enforce the Law?
It is annoying and frustrating to drive on Freedom Way, early morning, mid-morning and, worse still, late afternoon.
The situation becomes unbearable. The levels of frustrations endured by both pedestrians and other motorists are irritating. Something ought to be done to stop the vice.
The minibus operators have abandoned designated bus stations to load from the road and parking lots and pavements.
All stakeholders concerned should redress this situation before it degenerates into breakdown of law and order.

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