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Tackle bankruptcy of truth

THE Bible in Mathew 7:15 warns: “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”
It has been prophesied in various portions of scripture that many false prophets will come in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for purposes of deceiving masses.
Today even a blind man can see that the false prophets the Bible warns about are here and are deceiving many.
Today stranger than fictitious things are happening in the Church at the hands of so-called men of God. Not too long ago a video made rounds on social media of a pastor who bathed in church and made his congregants to drink the after-bath water.
We have heard and seen it all how congregants have become gullible at the hands of the false prophets.
Some have been made to eat grass, snakes and drink poisonous substances in the name of getting miracles.
As though that is not enough, the congregants, and particularly women, have been sexually abused and swindled out of huge sums of money by conmen hiding behind the name of the Lord.
As long as people remain ignorant of the truth, they will keep on being deceived by these fraudsters.
This is why President Edgar Lungu is calling on citizens to develop a culture of reading the Bible.
Knowing the truth about the word of God is the only way to counter falsehoods and heresies preached by false prophets.
As rightly noted by President Lungu, many people are falling prey to fake prophets and pastors because of the lack of knowledge of the word of God and their desperation for miracles.
“Let us not accept everything that is passed on to us. The Bible gives us a very good example of Christians in Berea who were wise because they checked every manner of teaching against what the Bible said. This is according to Acts 17:11,” the President said.
If there is any time that Christians need to be more alert, it is now. Today’s Christians, like those in Berea, need to be diligent in checking every manner of teaching given to them against the word of God.
Christians cannot afford to glance over the word of God or totally depend on what is preached on the pulpit.
Christians need to make Bible study an important component of their daily routines if they are to have an in-depth understanding of the word of God.
Unfortunately those who just glance over the word of God are vulnerable to being deceived.
This is because these false prophets, like true men of God, use the same Bible but the only difference is that the former manipulate it to suit their hidden agendas.
Unlike true men of God, false prophets misinterpret the Bible or give unsuspecting congregants half-truths with intent to manipulate their thinking.
This is what makes anyone with scanty or no knowledge of the word of God vulnerable to deception.
The Holy Scriptures warn people to test every spirit before believing. This is however difficult in the absence of in-depth knowledge of the word of God.
Unlike other places where people do not have access to the Bible, Zambians are privileged to be in a Christian nation where access to the word of God is unlimited.
While the larger responsibility to understand the word of God lies on individuals, the Church and true men of God have a huge responsibility to ensure that Christians are equipped with the undiluted word of God.
As challenged by the head of State, the Church has a responsibility to ensure that the true gospel spreads to all parts of the country.
This is much more important to inculcate Christian values of love, kindness, forgiveness, and self-control among the people.
The problem the country is faced with today of gassing and people retaliating with violence signals bankruptcy of Christian values.
There is no way someone who has love can raise their hand to harm another person.
The current happenings in the country point to the fact that the Church has a daunting task to entrench Christian values among citizens.

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