T-Sean, T-Bwoy now ready

T-BWOY and T-Sean are now ready to release a joint album.

AFTER working on a number of songs together, T-Sean and T-Bwoy are now ready to release their first joint album before the end of the year.

The decision to do a joint project came after so much demand from fans for them to do an album.
T-Sean and T-Bwoy have done a number of songs together with the first one being No Mountain which was released in 2010 and was produced by KB of K Army studios.
“The first song that we ever recorded was done even years ago at K Army studios called No Mountain. From that time, we’ve all grown, our music has grown on people, we’ve done quite a number of songs together,” T-Sean explained.
“I’ve featured on a number of his songs and he’s featured on my songs and each time people listen to that music, they always ask us to do an album together, the demand has always been there, it’s like people love it when we do stuff together.
“When people talk about something a million times then, there’s something you need to pay attention to, and in 2017, we’ve paid attention to what people have always wanted us to do.
“After I dropped two albums last year and T-Bwoy also dropped his Dweet album early this year, I was thinking about this year’s plan on the other side T-Bwoy was also thinking about his next plan, so we thought to ourselves that we’ve been holding this thing for a long time now, so why not work on it now. So we thought this could be the right time and we got into the studio and started working on our album.”
He said they have done about 80 percent of the album as they have just been recording and are now at the selection stage. But they are set to release one more single titled Sini Beliva before the album is finally released.
The album is being recorded at Thee High Grade studios but they have also worked with other producers and have featured a number of artists.
And T-Bwoy says the first time they were supposed to do an album together was in 2012 but since T-Sean was new in the system, they decided to give each other time to grow so that everyone is known for their own thing.
“We had just started a record label that time with a number of artistes that we had signed up, so we said we should give it time and work on other people’s projects then we’ll get back to our own project,” he says.
“There was a point when I was a little quite music wise, it was the time I started working and it was a little difficult for me to multi task my job and music. But now, I’m more mature and I definitely have to find time for everything.”
He says working with T-Sean has always been a good experience and there has always been chemistry that he feels he would not have with anyone else.

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