Swish: More than a basketball score


IN the USA, hip-hop is considered as a broad conglomerate of artistic forum that originated in the marginalised subculture in South Bronx, New York and quickly spread to other parts of the country.
Names such as Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, 2pac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne, are largely considered as the most influential hop-hop artistes on the globe.
Well, they could be many who have emerged over the years such as Eminem, but closer home, this forceful genre has been influencing even the less initiated in this music genre.
Artistes such as Slap D, Macky II, Yellow Man, Majik Links, Ice Kid, Brisky, Cleo Ice Queen, Zone Fam and Mag44, have all been hitting some fine hip-hop notes lately
In most of these singers’ repertoire of songs, the artistes have gone an extra mile in sending social commentary messages that have often triggered some endless debate.
New on the block is yet another fascinating hip-hop artiste/songwriter named Swish, whose real names are Farai Muzungaile, who turns 26 on Monday, September 15.
At Swish’s age 25, slain rapper Tupac Shakur had reinvented the hip-hop genre with songs such as California Love, Dear Mama and Me Against The World.
“He [2Pac] was a great creation and an inspiration to most hip-hop rap artistes the world over, however, I draw my inspiration from the likes of Nas, Drake, T.I. as well as Kendrick Lamar,” revealed Swish.
Since the age of nine in 1997, Swish had this urge to conquer the hip-hop world with sheer determination and zeal, especially after viewing some of the artistes on television.
According to Swish, who has since found the music of Slap D, JK, Pompi and Black Muntu quite influential in many ways, Channel O was his ultimate inspiration.
“As a kid, I was ever glued to Channel O musical show which was beamed on ZNBC. And the presence of such notable hip-hop stars as 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G and LL Cool J drew me closer to hip-hop,” Swish recounted.
Swish did his primary education at Namununga Basic School before he proceeded to Chengelo Secondary School, where he completed school. While at school, he continued relishing the music of his early mentors.
Two years after leaving high school in 2007, Swish enrolled at the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS), where his path crossed that of hip-hop music ambassadors, Tony Shuk and Cee Jay.
“With music briefly on hold, after my completion of my two year IT course, I moved to the University of Greenwich in London,” Swish said.
His degree course at Greenwich lasted two years, between 2010 and 2012.
“By 2013, I was back to my music and I released my mix-tape by mid-2013 called FaRaIDAY under Cloud 9 Media Studio,” Swish, the second in a family of two said.
The mix-tape, which has since hit the airwaves with a relative bang, contained such amazing revelations as My Department, Da Great, Never On Your Talent, Adventure and Let’s Be Thankful.
The mix-tape has, since its release, charted well on Power FM, UNZA Radio and JOY FM, inspiring the young hip-hop prodigy to make his own image on the local music industry.
With a cross section of hip-hop music lovers getting hooked to the music of latest sensations such as Chef 187, while relishing the “rivalry” between Slap D and Macky II, Swish released his video You Decide last December.
“I released the video of You Decide and another titled FaRaIDAY under NXT Solutionz,” he said.
All the videos have received some positive reviews on such channels as Muvi Nyimbo, tempting Swish to release his follow-up videos titled Do Great and Give ‘Em a Show, which is an Ikonic Media Studio production.
With a brand new video titled Pretend Sometimes, which features the sultry voice of XYZ’s songbird, Kan2, Swish’s maiden live televised bash was on ZNBC’s 3.7 Blaze with G-Wise.
Last Friday, Pretend Sometimes was unleashed to the general public and is already making some noise “quietly”!

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