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Suwilanji, Kasaka perform for teachers

SUWILANJI performing in Kabwe at Paglory College of Education. PICTURE: CHAMBO NG’UNI

AWARD-WINNING Gospel musician Suwilanji was in Kabwe last Friday to minister to 408 newly trained teachers at Paglory College of Education.
Suwilanji was the guest artiste and she performed live.
She was not alone on this mission at the University of Zambia in association with Paglory College of Education secondary school diploma 4th graduation ceremony.
Comedian Kasaka, Nomakanjani Arts and Sharon-a Kabwe based gospel singer were also in the house, and they managed to thrill the well-attended event.
Armed with her melodious voice, among the songs she sang were Yesu Emweo Wandi, Mwanjitile Akale and Mulilonshi in which she testifies of God’s goodness and mercies.
As her songs reverberated the hall in which the event was taking place the response from the gathering was positive as they were enjoying the selection of the songs.
Others responded by singing along while others raised their hands in excitement and approve of her up lighting songs.
By the end of the event, she had ministered and delivered even more than the organisers of the academic event expected.
In one of her songs, she joined forces with Kasaka and each showcased their gospel music dancing skills.
Then there was the Nomakanjani Arts. They had nothing to lose but to showcase Zambia’s rich cultural dances.
In their introduction song, presumably a national they too highlighted Zambia’s rich natural resources, tourism potential and praised God that Zambia is a beautiful country.
Then they danced with passion as though it was the last performance on earth- but this is what the cultural group is known for-performing with passion.
What about Kasaka, actually the moment the director programmes mentioned his name, excitement engulfed the hall.
Upon seeing him in his trademark jersey, even before he spoke, people were already laughing, some probably laughing like they have never laughed before in their lives.
He delivered his lung cracking jokes, spiced with education messages for both the graduating teachers and every present.
Kasaka is not only a comedian but also a singer, and this he proved when he sang an uplifting gospel song with one of his colleagues.

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