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Susan, future gynaecologist


Young & Ambitious:
AT 16-YEARS-OLD and in grade 11 at Saint Mary’s Secondary School in Livingstone, Susan Chulu has resolved to study medicine and

specialise in gynaecology after her secondary school education.
Susan wants to be of service to the country in the area of health care service, especially women.
“I have noticed that women are the most affected when it comes to health issues. I feel becoming a gynaecologist will help reduce mortalities among women,” Susan said.
Motivated by the many health challenges that women undergo, Susan believes that once she adds to the number of the few gynaecologists in the country, women will have improved access to health.
She said one should work hard if they are to succeed in all future endeavours.
Susan feels young people should not be discouraged by any situation in life but should have a positive attitude towards life.
“My advice to young people and my schoolmates is that they should study hard and always be focused in their academic life as only those who are strong, courageous and determined will achieve their dreams,” she said.
She aims high both at school and home as she knows the road to success is not an easy one.
Susan likes athletics and debating especially during time for social-academics.
Her favourite subjects are science, biology and English.
Susan is optimistic that her dream will one day become reality.
She believes God is the creator and source of everything and without him human begins cannot be successful in life.

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