Surviving floods in Mambwe

HEAVY rains have caused flooding in Chief Jumbe in Mambwe district, Eastern Province, leaving some families homeless and damaging maize fields. PICTURE: MAYENGO NYIRENDA

AROUND 03:00 hours on December 31, 2019, a young man heard a splatter of rain in the darkness outside. Thinking nothing of it, he turned over and continued to sleep, ready to wake up into the New Year.
A few hours later, he woke up to the sight of water in his small hut. Slowly it dawned on him that a silent flood had descended upon his village, again. The young man got up and fled to safety, joining many others who gathered at Chiutika Primary School.
At dawn, they returned to the village, only to be greeted by a vast expanse of earth coloured water which rushed through the village, submerging houses and washing away fields of maize and vegetables.
Homes were submerged, others were washed away, and fields of maize were washed off with the rush of water.
Nsefu, Jumbe and Mkhanya chiefdoms, were the most hit by the floods.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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