Surety in hot water

A SURETY was yesterday ordered to pay K3,000 or face imprisonment for failing to secure the attendance of Owen Shantumbu, who is accused of forging Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo’s signature and issuing a work permit in the minister’s name.

Shantumbu and Mambo Maluba are alleged to have forged Mr Kampyongo’s signature purporting to show that he had signed and issued a work permit for a South African national.
Mr Kampyongo was scheduled to testify in the case. However, Shantumbu was not present in court.
State prosecutor Richard Nyeleti told the court that Shantumbu’s surety failed to secure his attendance in court.
Magistrate Faides Hamaundu ordered Shantumbu’s surety to pay the K3,000, which is part of the conditions and, in default, imprisonment.
Shantumbu and Maluba are charged with five counts of forgery, uttering a false document and obtaining money by false pretences.
It is alleged, in the first count, that Shantumbu and Maluba, between October 1, 2016 and October 18, 2016, at Lusaka, with intent to defraud or deceive, jointly, and while acting together with other persons unknown, made a false document namely a letter authorising issuance of a work permit purporting to show that it was genuinely signed and issued by Mr Kampyongo.
In the second count, it is alleged that the two uttered a false letter authorising issuance of a work permit to Mahmood Muffakahar, a South African.
Shantumbu and Maluba are in the third count alleged to have, during the same period, with intent to defraud, forged a work permit purporting to show that it was genuinely signed and issued by the minister.
In the fourth count, Shantumba and Maluba are alleged to have uttered a work permit to Muffakahar.
The two are in the fifth count alleged to have obtained K12,500 from Muffakahar by falsely pretending that they had a genuine work permit for him.


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