Support fellow women

FORMER First Lady Vera Tembo has urged women in the country to rally behind female candidates in this year’s general elections by mobilising financial and material support for their campaigns.In an interview, Ms Tembo said with a good number of women participating in the elections, Zambia is on the right path to attaining equal representation in its governance system.Ms Tembo said Zambia is a signatory to various international treaties which promote inclusion of women in all sectors of society, including politics.“But I want to emphasise that this is not an easy journey because I have been there. Women need finances to compete in elections, especially those vying as independent candidates.“As women, we can come up with a programme to support them (female candidates) financially and materially to enable them to conduct campaign activities effectively,” she said.On female presidential running mates,Ms Tembo is confident that in future, Zambia will have CLICK TO READ MORE

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