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Summer comes with bright colours

Fashion Trends with ANGELA CHISHIMBA
AS SUMMER heats up, it becomes extremely difficult to choose appropriate office wear. Summer comes with bright colours which, in most office environments, are not ideal.
Formal office wear does not expose your body as casual wear would.
However, you don’t have to cover up so much to keep it office-appropriate.
As summer approaches, you can find clothes that will not necessarily cover you up so much, but still look formal.
It is advisable to stick to light weight and breathable fabric without compromising on style or comfort.
When choosing a fabric, if it’s airy and light, it will be so much more comfortable to wear.
Anything too heavy will make you sweat and uncomfortable in the heat.
You need air circulating over your body to stay cool. Fabric that doesn’t breathe will trap both sweat and hot air near your skin leading to overheating.
This material is light, comfortable, and breathable. It is ideal for summer because it also dries very fast when wet or damp.
Cotton absorbs moisture very well and dries almost as fast as linen, keeping the skin cool. It’s more durable. Although cotton comes in many different weights, choose something that is airy and light.
Although silk retain heat and moisture, if you find some loosely woven one, it will make a very light and great to wear garment.
I know this will surprise you, but, there is a kind of wool meant for summer wear. There is a kind of wool made with very thin and light threads to reduce weight.
This looser weave makes the wool more breathable.
As we get into summer, try out these fabrics for a more cooler and comfortable feel.
Have a blessed weekend.
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