Sumaili cautions on overnight prayers

MINISTER of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili.

MINISTER of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has cautioned Zambians against taking advantage of overnight prayer meetings to engage in illicit activities.
And Reverend Sumaili has urged religious leaders in Southern Province to stand in the gap and pray for the region following reports of suspected witchcraft.
The minister said in an interview yesterday that people going for overnight prayer meetings should not accept lifts from strangers.
“It is in bad taste to engage in vices under the pretext of going for overnight prayer meetings. Accepting a lift will expose them to danger as they risk being raped, robbed or killed,” she said.
Rev Sumaili, however, encouraged Zambians to gather in safe areas for prayers.
She said churches and individuals who are planning to conduct overnight prayer meetings should ensure safety of attendants.
Rev Sumaili said as a Christian nation, there is need for citizens to focus on God and His goodness

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