Letter to the Editor

Suggested solution for trained unemployed manpower

Dear editor,
IT IS gratifying to note that our government has liberalised the training of manpower to the private sector in various fields.What is worrying, however, is the absorption of this manpower into the employment sector.
There seems to be no capacity for the government or the private sector to engage all our youth into gainful employment.
This has resulted in most of them languishing and lamenting about their future.
One notable sector is the teaching industry where over 40,000 trained teachers are on the waiting list to be deployed.
The list is endless in other fields.
Instead of making this manpower go to waste, the government should explore options of exporting this manpower to other countries especially the neighbouring countries.
Adverts can be placed for all excess trained manpower in the concerned countries.
In this way the government can gain forex through remittances and at the same time help provide employment to those people needing it.
Concerned citizen

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