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Submit proposals on maternity leave extension – Shamenda

MINISTER of Labour and Social Security Fackson Shamenda has advised civil society organisations calling for the extension of maternity leave from three to six months to submit their proposals to his ministry for consideration.
There have been calls from the Civil Society Organisation for Scaling-up Nutrition alliance to extend the maternity leave from the current three months to six.
Speaking in an interview, Mr Shamenda said civil society organisations must channel their proposals through his ministry for further discussion.
He said “all stakeholders need to be involved in the discussions, especially the employers”.
And Minister of Community Development Mother and Child Health Emerine Kabanshi said in a separate interview that these calling for the extension of leave days need to look at the matter objectively.
Ms Kabanshi noted that the extension of the maternity leave to six months may disadvantage women from being employed, especially by private sector.
She said the private sector may not allow women employees to take leave for a period of six months.
Ms Kabanshi noted that if employers stop employing women then the fight for gender equality will not be achieved.
“What we need to note is that Government is not the only employer countrywide, we also have private sector that employ and will they agree to have women employees go for six months?” she asked.

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