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Study final draft Constitution, President urges Zambians

PRESIDENT Lungu has challenged Zambians to study the contents of the final draft constitution and to make comments on the document.
Addressing Parliament on Friday, President Lungu said Government remains committed to delivering a people-driven constitution that will stand the test of time.
President Lungu said Government has further published the constitution (amendment) Bill, 2015 containing non-contentious clauses and is scheduled for presentation to Parliament during this sitting.
“I urge all Zambians to take keen interest in this Bill and engage their members of Parliament to ensure that their views are well represented and taken into account when the Bill is debated,” President Lungu said.
He said the decision to present the non-contentious clauses for enactment by Parliament is informed by the real danger of losing even the progressive and non-contentious provisions of the draft constitution if the entire document was subjected to a referendum.
President Lungu said as a demonstration of his Government’s commitment to delivering a people-driven constitution, the Referendum Act has been amended in anticipation of the referendum to be held alongside the 2016 general elections.
He said the amendment expressly mandates the Electoral Commission of Zambia to be the Referendum Commission and institutionalises the conduct of referenda.
President Lungu said it is necessary to hold the referendum alongside next year’s general election as a way of enhancing the chances of the referendum being successful and to ensure a cost-effective process.

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