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Student punished for deflowering lover




A STUDENT of Lusaka Apex Medical University has been ordered to pay K15,000 as compensation to the mother of a woman he deflowered. Henry Sakala, 29, a student studying Pharmacy, was dragged to court by Elizabeth Nachalwe, 44, after he deflowered her daughter. The court heard that Sakala’s relationship with Nachalwe’s daughter continued until he ended up having two children with her before he abandoned her. Nachalwe told the court that she wanted to be compensated with K22,000 for the damage Sakala caused to her daughter, Cynthia Nakamba, 24. But Sakala cried foul saying the money Nachalwe demanded was beyond his capacity to pay. In her testimony, Nachalwe told the court that Sakala first impregnated her daughter between 2018 and 2019. “My daughter was at school when Sakala broke her virginity and impregnated her. We called him and he accepted responsibility saying he was going to marry her but later changed that he would only support the child. When my daughter gave birth I took her back to school, but Sakala started following her and impregnated her again. She had two children within a space of two years,” she said. Nachalwe said her family called Sakala, who CLICK TO READ MORE


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