Letter to the Editor

Streetlights from Lumumba to First Road switched off?

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my displeasure with Kanyama Member of Parliament for failing to provide leadership.I wish to find out why newly installed streetlights from Lumumba Road junction leading to First Road are not being switched on in the night.
The stretch, which was mounted with a new set of streetlights by Avic International, remains pitch black at night.
It is unfortunate that the MP, Elizabeth Phiri, remains mute over this matter that we have been raising for more than five years now.
Mumbwa Road is very dark and dangerous. We have the facility and the technology, but some people’s attitudes towards government programmes leave much to be desired.
Mrs Phiri, please deal with this issue and ask Avic International to light up the road. We are now being exposed to a lot of crime and accidents.
Does it serve any purpose, honestly, for Government to invest so much taxpayers’ money and yet the infrastructure remains moribund?
Amai Phiri, woman of action, show us your muscle and fortitude now.

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