Letter to the Editor

Street kids behind Government Printers should be removed

Dear editor,
THE street kids living behind Government Printers and near the flyover bridge on Church Road are a source of concern and they should be removed from the site.

These street kids are found in a group numbering between 10 and 20 comprising boys and girls found during the day time. They beg for alms mostly money from the passers-by walking to and fro on the said bridge. Worse still, they sniff bostik, an intoxicating substance, abuse alcohol and some girls are sexually molested in some cases making them vulnerable to contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
Some of these street kids are orphans who have lost either one or both parents while others fled their parents’ homes and chose to live on the street due to peer pressure.
They become violent at night and attack people stealing money, mobile phones and other valuables. Women are the major culprits as they can easily be overpowered in instances where they walk in town presumably at awkward hours. This does not imply that men cannot be attacked. They can be attacked, too.
What boggles the mind of many people, including myself, is that the department of social welfare under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services and the Lusaka Central Police Station are just a stone throw away from the place where these kids are residing.
These kids are a menace to society by virtue of the vices they are engaged in. In light of the aforegone, there is need to find amicable solutions to the various vices being perpetrated by these kids. Some of the street kids are found under the foot bridge at Lusaka’s Manda Hill Shopping Mall on the Great East Road.
All said and done, some parents should be responsible enough to take care of their children instead of letting them roam the street and terrorising the unsuspecting general public and robbing them of their valuables.
The government through the police service and the Ministry of Community Development should come on board and remove them from the sites where are found. This situation, if left unchecked, is a time bomb as these boys are potential future hard-core criminals.

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