Stories from home in Arabic

Title: Short Stories from Zambia
Author: Translated in Arabic by Salwa Elhamamsy


THE idea to author the book Short Stories from Zambia – translated to Arabic was brilliant. Not only because it gave 12 Zambian writers an international platform to share their talent, but also because it will offer millions of English language readers, as well as Arabic language booklovers, a glimpse into the Zambian social scene.
Short Stories from Zambia is a compilation of 12 stories authored by Zambian writers and translated into Arabic by Salwa Elhamamsy, an Egyptian writer, artist, and author of short stories, memoirs and articles. She is the author of The Sun Shines Sometimes.
Having translated other works through her various travels around the world, Elhamamsy says reading is one of the best ways to understand a nation’s culture, and revels in the partnerships created as she collaborated with the writers, through the Writers Association of Zambia (WAZ), in translating the stories.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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