Letter to the Editor

Stopping political violence

Dear editor,
POLITICAL violence in Zambia is getting out of hand and if not urgently curbed could plunge this great nation in total turmoil.
What happened in Kaoma between PF and UPND is not a laughing matter that should not be underestimated going into 2021.
For me I feel Electoral Commission of Zambia has a mammoth ladder to climb to police politics in Zambia. ECZ should instruct for the de-registration of any party involved in violence so that their leaders can take remedial measures to halt the vice by their cadres.
Why should a political party be easily deregistered just for merely having an intra-party dispute which has nothing to do with loss of our precious lives?
As a nation we need to be proactive in addressing this issue because it’s very worrying that we have moved from pangas to guns now, which is not a very inspiring political tenet.
It’s also worrying how ECZ declared the Kaoma elections peaceful when a life was lost. As long as there is hacking or shooting incidents in any election, ECZ should not spice us but be bold enough to declare such as unpeaceful and even go further to postpone the elections with authority. That is what you are paid for, to police and bring sanity in politics to encourage more political players, especially youths and women who are vulnerable whenever there is violence during campaigns.
So, ECZ you have a big role to bring sanity in Zambian politics because ‘stop violence statements’ have come from all political party presidents but to no fruition.
To the general populace, I appeal to you all to embrace each other despite different political ideologies than advancing our leaders’ political egos at all cost. Politics is about leadership and not power, and the violence is brought about because we are advancing power against serving the people (leadership).

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