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Stop using females to promote alcohol

SOUTHERN African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA) Eastern Network has advised companies trading in alcoholic beverages to desist from using women and girls as promoters of their brands.
Organisation chairperson Queen Mbao said it is regrettable that some companies are using women as brands to market their products.
Ms Mbao said such organisations are de-humanising women by using them to advertise alcohol.
“This trend must come to an end, especially now that the National Alcohol Policy is in place,” Ms Mbao said in an interview.
She said using women as advertisers of alcohol often amplifies the infamous stereotype of masculine superiority over females.
“The trend also justifies male supremacy of power over the other gender,” she said.
Mrs Mbao said it is a known fact that alcohol abuse has negative effects on consumers such as physical violence, road traffic accidents, relationship and financial problems, among others.
“It has been revealed that globally, 3.3 million people die every year, and that every 10 seconds, a human being dies because of alcohol consumption,” Ms Mbao said.
She said currently, the organisation is working with Chipata City Council in educating people against alcohol abuse.
Ms Mba o comme n d e d President Edgar Lungu for approving the National Alcohol Policy.
In May this year, Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya announced that Cabinet had passed a resolution to put in place measures that would prevent excessive intake of alcohol among citizens, following worrying statistics indicating that 42 percent of Zambian women drink excessively.
Ms Mbao appealed to President Lungu to consider providing the organisation with a motor vehicle to enable it to effectively sensitise communities on the dangers of alcohol abuse.

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