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Stop targeting married women, man told

THE Buchi local court last week ordered a 27-year-old Kitwe resident to pay K500 to a man whose wife he was dating.
Buchi senior local court magistrates Elita Bwalya and Caroline Mbewe advised Innocent Chomba to ‘take it easy’ and find his own woman to marry instead of going for other people’s wives.

This is in a case in which Samuel Kangwanda sued Innocent Chomba for allegedly committing adultery with his wife Juliet Kasongo.
Kangwanda told the court that he married Kasongo in 2012 but in 2014, he started becoming suspicious of her movements.
He narrated that at one time, a young boy went to their house and told his wife that a certain uncle was calling her outside.
Kangwanda narrated that at another time, his wife left home under the pretext of visiting her sister and only returned after 22:00 hours.
He narrated that on that particular occasion, he saw Chomba leaving the couple’s yard as late as 22:00 hours and when he tried to talk to him, he simply bolted.
Kangwanda said he went to the barber shop the following day and heard people talking about how Chomba was dating a married woman and how they had warned him against it.
“To my surprise, they narrated the whole incident that took place at my home the previous evening and that is how I came to know that the man who was going out with my wife is Innocent Chomba,” he said.
Kangwanda said he tried to approach Chomba again so that he could talk to him but he pretended to be talking on the phone and in no time, he ran away again.
He narrated that he decided to take Chomba to the police where he admitted that he was dating Kasongo although he did not know that she was married.
And Kasongo, who first denied having an affair with Chomba later confirmed when she heard that he had already admitted.
She said Chomba used to force her into the affair and would get jealous if she gave any attention to her husband.
She narrated that Chomba was the reason she and her husband went on separation at one time and that he stopped following her when her husband chased her.
Kangwanda in his submission urged the court to counsel Chomba against dating married people because it can lead to death.
Magistrates Bwalya and Mbewe ordered Chomba to compensate Kangwanda with K500 and urged him to stop dating married people.
“You are still very young. Just find your own wife whom you can settle down with instead of targeting married women.”


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