Letter to the Editor

Stop politics of anger and hurt

Dear editor,
I WRITE to urge Zambian politicians to stop engaging in politics of anger and hurt for the sake of mother Zambia and us the citizens.
Insulting does not make one to be the best politician but should always endeavour to talk to one another with soberness and respect.
I have observed with dismay how some politicians have developed the spirit of insulting other opposing politicians with impunity.
Some of those being insulted are actually even very old and that does not send a good signal to young upcoming politicians.
Politics is not a dirty game but our politicians risk making it look so to the general populous if they are not careful with how they behave.
Take a leaf from President Edgar Lungu who is also the commander in chief who does not use insulting or vulgar language even when he is accused or insulted.
Why then should the juniors and some cadres use unpalatables against other political players.
A true leader should always advance explanation and not insults.
Just like bembas say, “Chifukushi tekusova”.

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