Stop misleading labelling

Hello CCPC,
I bought a pack of fresh herbs in a supermarket in Lusaka which was marked “a product of Zambia” when you peel off the sticker underneath. It read “Proud product of South Africa”. Is this not misleading and who is responsible of ensuring that such does not happen?
Hi PM,
Thank you for writing to us, particularly on our Facebook page. Yes, this is misleading and it has a potential of affecting a consumer’s purchasing decision. This is because consumers will be buying based on the information they are given that the product is made in Zambia when actually not.
This practice is contrary to the Competition and Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) No. 24 of 2010, and an enterprise or a person found contravening this section risks being fined. According to the CCPA this amounts to unfair trading practice because it is a false and misleading representation of the product’s place of origin.
The information on the product is misleading as it allegedly states that the herbs are a product of Zambia. Therefore, we urge you to visit us and lodge in a formal complaint against this enterprise so that necessary action can be taken.
We would like to warn enterprises to desist from such conduct as this compromises the standard of honest and good faith which they are expected to meet. This is because consumers make their purchasing decision based on product information hence, traders should not give wrong or misleading information to consumers.
It is the responsibility of the enterprise to ensure that this incident does not happen. So, we urge them to stop misleading consumers but that they give truthful and correct product information as required and expected of them.
From time to time in collaboration with the local authority (councils),  we carry out impromptu inspections of trading places checking for expiry dates and other important product information.
For any other queries and concerns, feel free to report any incidences to us on the details below.
Please e-mail us on: Visit our Facebook –Commission – Zambia or Follow us on Twitter @ CompComZambia. We are at 4th Floor Main Post Office Building, P.O. Box 34919, Lusaka. Telephone: 222775/222787, Toll-Free line: 5678 across all mobile phone networks.

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