Letter to the Editor

Stop littering highways, please!

Dear editor,
DRIVING from Kitwe to Mufulira on Monday, April 18, 2016, I witnessed how we care less for our environment by littering our highways. Within the course of a 30-minute drive I saw four empty mineral water bottles flying out of windows of different vehicles. What saddened me the most was a big, empty bottle thrown out of the window of a gold GRZ Toyota Prado with a flag just after the Sabina check-point. Is this the Zambia we want? Dirty? Is it a big deal to keep the empty bottles in the vehicles and dispose them off at the right places when we reach our destinations?
I implore LCC and other relevant authorities to provide toll-free lines for reporting such mischief. Throwing used lunch packs and plastic bottles from moving vehicles is not only bad manners but also degrading to our environment. Keeping Zambia clean is not for the government alone but citizens as well.
I get angry when one compares our country to our neighbours, who are better than us in maintaining a clean environment.
Come on Zambians, let’s be responsible!

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