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Stop celebrating Chipolopolo losses

Dear editor,
I FIND it strange to hear Zambians celebrating even when their football team is beaten.
You hear things like “though we lost, we played very well”.
What is “playing very well”?
Zambian footballers are now of age to be told the truth whenever they don’t perform well.
Time to baby-sit them and sing lullabies for them is over.
Winning the Africa Cup means that our team is now mature and has the professional experience to play top-notch football and not the mediocre performance we are witnessing.
When a pastor takes off his cloak to comment on football, just know this is serious!
Football, like an army, is the pride of any nation.
Both the football team and the army, to some extent, reveal the greatness of a nation.
This could be the reason the first republican president of Zambia, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, named the national team after himself (KK11).
Old African presidents showcased the greatness of their countries even through football.
This was also the football philosophy of former president of Zaire Mobutu Sese Seko.
He is on record that any poor performance of his team ached him because it was an embarrassment to him and the country.
At one time he even threatened his national team that if they were going to lose 0-4 to Brazil, none of the players would be able to return to Zaire.
There were even stories that Mobutu would order the army to lock up the players when they lost an important international match.
We don’t want to go the Mobutu way. All we are saying is that it is enough of losses; enough of celebrating these losses!
We don’t expect wins all the time, but our boys must double up and show us what they are made of.
We love you boys, but we want you to win games.

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