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Stop beating wife, court scolds Lusaka man

PRESIDING magistrate at Lusaka’s Chelstone Local court Mary Namangala told a 46-year-old man of Lusaka’s Mtendere East that his habit of beating his wife may cause the children to rebel against him.
Before Magistrate Namangala was Luka Phiri, 46, who was sued by his wife Martha for marriage reconciliation.
Martha told the court that her husband of 22 years beats her up and whenever the children try to separate them, Phiri turns on them.
Martha told the court that the couple has four children.
She said whenever the two differ, Phiri stops talking to her and opts to give money for running the home to the children.
“I love my husband but he gets violent whenever he takes alcohol. Once such a thing happens, he will stop talking to me and leaves money for food with the children creating a bad atmosphere at home,” Martha said.
Martha told the court that she got married to Phiri in 1993 and the defendant was charged K5,400 bride price and K600 for impregnating her.
Of the said amount, Phiri only managed to pay K500 as part of payment towards impregnating her Martha.
In his defence, Phiri told the court that Martha is possessive and insecure.
“We always differ even over phone calls. She would always ask who the caller is on my mobile phone. This makes me feel she does not respect me,” Phiri told the court.
In passing judgment, Magistrate Namangala said according to the law, the two were just cohabiting as Phiri never paid anything towards bride price.
Magistrate Namangala said Phiri should finish paying bride price and put his house in order.
“We have too many street children today because of broken homes. These broken homes come about because of violence and torture like what is happening between Phiri and Martha,” Magistrate Namangala said.

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