Letter to the Editor

Stop attacking police officers

Dear editor,
IN recent weeks some unruly members of the public have been attacking police officers on duty without justifiable reasons.
Zambia has a critical shortage of police officers. The police are working under difficult conditions risking their to maintain security in our country. Members of the community must work with the police and stop being antagonistic. Most crimes happening in our communities can be avoided if we work together. Most Criminals live among us.
Additionally, the police must increase community education so that people understand their operations.
There is a general wrong picture about the Police in Zambia.
The police are perceived to be lazy, corrupt and only willing to work in situations offering personal benefits. Furthermore, some police officers lack the physique needed for their Job.
We need to equip our police camps with training facilities to enable our officers acquire the necessary physical fitness. A weak officer cannot challenge a strong criminal. Some officers cannot even chase a criminal. This concern was raised many years ago by our late President Micheal Sata but little or nothing has been done to change the scenario.

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