Letter to the Editor

Stock local produce

Dear editor,
SHOPPING malls in Zambia have in turn led to proliferation of chain stores.These chain stores stock a variety of products so that customers can access whatever products they want to purchase.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this trend of having many chain stores dotted across the country.
However, the problem has been that these chain stores stock imported farm produce which are also grown locally.
These include vegetables, fruits, potatoes, to mention but a few.
The implication of this is that jobs are being created in countries where these farm produce are imported from. On the other hand, the local farmers are being disadvantaged because their products are not being bought by these chain stores.
There is a widely held notion that imported products are always of higher quality than the local ones.
I wish to rebut this notion because some local products are of higher quality than the imported ones.
To promote our own farmers, I feel there is need to put in place the statutory instrument (SI) that bars the importation of farm produce into our country.
The measure, once implemented, will empower our local farmers by putting more money in their pockets.
If this is not good enough, the measure will also lead to job creation among Zambians in the agriculture sector.
Lastly, I appeal to the relevant authorities to regulate the imported products, particularly farm produce.
This is vital in that these produce can be grown in our country by the local farmers.

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