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Stingy man in court for reconciliation

A THIRTY-FIVE year-old woman of Kitwe has complained before the Boma local court that her husband’s meanness has reached alarming levels, to an extent where he locks all the food in the fridge and keeps the keys on his waist belt.

Judith Musukwa told the court that her husband, Jairos Mtonga, is stingy and starves her and their three children by locking all the food in the fridge.

This is in a case in which Musukwa has sued Mtonga for reconciliation before senior local court magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu.
Musukwa told the court that the two got married in 1998 and have three children together.
She told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2009 when her husband started having extra-marital affairs and came home late.
Musukwa said her husband would leave home without giving her money to buy food and that each time he brought foodstuffs, he would lock them in the fridge and keep the keys on his waist belt to deter her and the children from eating the food.
“My husband’s behaviour of not financially supporting us has reached a point where he locks our fridge and ties the keys around his waist so that we do not have access to the food that he buys,” she narrated.
She told the court that her husband lacks respect as he one day came home with a pant belonging to his girlfriend and later burnt it after he was queried.
Musukwa pleaded with the court to counsel her husband on his behaviour of locking food in the fridge because she still loves him.
But Mtonga told the court that he locks the fridge and moves with the keys because that’s where he keeps his medicine for diabetes.
He also accused his wife of being careless with finances and cited an incident when she squandered K2, 000 in two days.
Mtonga told the court that he still loves his wife and only wanted her to change her behaviour of misusing money meant for food and other necessities at home.
And magistrate Ndhlovu reconciled the couple and advised Mtonga not to be stingy but to support his wife and his children financially.


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