Still man enough after vasectomy

MR PHIRI and wife Emma outside their home in Chipata Township.

AT 56, Mabvuto Phiri of Kabanana in Lusaka, off Kabwe road, looks does not regret undergoing a vasectomy procedure back in 2001.
He says the 19 years he has lived with his wife after the operation have been fulfilling to the initial desires that made him make such a decision together with his wife.
A married man with three children, Mr Phiri has never experienced the myths surrounding vasectomy.
β€œIn the first place, I looked at the capacity that I had economically to look after a big family. I convinced myself that a small family was going to be better,” he said.
He kept his dreams alive and went to see medical experts.
β€œI said a family of five that includes me and my wife was going to be manageable. If I wanted, I was going to have even fifteen children,” he said.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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