Letter to the Editor

Stiffen punishment for sexual offences

Dear editor,
THE sexual offences in our country have taken a toll. These take the form of rape, defilement, bestiality, incest, homosexuality, to mention but a few. I tend to wonder as to how these sexual offences have become predominant in our country which was declared as a Christian nation.
Women and girls alike have become the major victims of  sexual crimes. There is hardly a day that passes without hearing or reading about a woman being raped or a girl being defiled. Chickens, dogs, goats and other animals have not been spared either.
Some men of the pulpit have equally been culprits as they have been caught with pants down. Some of these ‘men of God’ have even gone to an extent of sexually abusing girls and women in the name of cleansing them of the evil spirits.
This is abominable and should be condemned in the strongest terms possible. The law enforcers should devise some punitive measures to deter would-be offenders.
The jail term needs to be revised by increasing the number of years a convict can serve.
The victims should open up by reporting such cases to the appropriate authorities like the victim support unit (VSU)

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