Letter to the Editor

Stealing is punishable by law

Dear editor,
THE Lusaka Magistrate’s Court sentenced Peter Simfukwe to six months in prison for allegedly stealing K200 from Bread of Life Church International.
However, I strongly object to the sentiments raised by my bother Yona Musukwa in your edition of Monday, October 8, 2018 that Bread of Life should have forgiven him on account that he stole from the church.
Stealing is stealing, whether one steals from the church or any other place.
The law should always take its place.
I believe many people steal from the church and this is an eye-opener.
If Jesus was beaten and crucified today, the law of the land would have visited his punishers.
Lastly, my brother Yona should know that the offender was not sent to hell but to a correctional facility to merely rehabilitate him.
Moreover God is the one to forgive him if he repents, not the church. A church is a gathering of worshippers.

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